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The original silencers on my bike have seen better days, Delkavic do a 2 into 2 full stainless system for £365 or silencers only for £229 couple of questions? Kawasaki's jama originals are £390 for cans alone

1) my downpipes aren't in bad nick, they appear to have been replaced in comparison with the cans as the bellypan opening would chuck salt/grit/crap straight at them. Would there be any noticeable benefit from the stainless down pipes or could I just tidy the downpipes with a lick of heat paint and use the delkavic's

2) Will I have to rejet and balance my carbs with the delkavic's

3) I just spoke to my insurance, they said a like for like swap wouldnt require their notification but 'performance' upgrades will, and could carry a premium increase. What denotes a performance upgrade, would a dyno before and after suffice or should I just pay what they want. Does anyone have a rough idea what this tends to add to a policy (anyone changed cans mid policy and incurred a charge)

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If your pipes are ok clean them up and get some cans

You will probably find it will run fine and may not need a rejet the only way to know for sure is fit them and have it on a dyno to see how the fueling is a carb balance has nothing to do with the cans a balance should be done as regular servicing requirements

As for the insurance I know someone who added a shed load of performance mods and it put it up less then a tenner!

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Cheers! Credit card could be taking a battering then, girlfriend didn't take too kindly to my offer of both dipping into our savings..

The carb balance; do they just knock themselves out of sync or would you notice an issue before hand? I saw a rather crude rig posted on another forum consisting of some clear hose filled with water and mounted on a board then hooked up to the carbs on the vacuum holes, would this be effective or should I just pay for either the correct tool or a garage to do it. Would there be enough fuel in the float bowl after removing the tank or would you have to hook up some sort of temporary tank?

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The way of clear tube and water is actually really accurate a lot of the tl guys use them although for 40 quid you can buy a set of 4 gauges and they are easy to use

They just go out over time and you would have to rig up some sort of fuel supply

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