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kawasaki regulator recall rumpus.


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Hi all. I am not new, I have just been quiet.

Today, my 2009 zx6r refused to fire up. I have had the same problem before (The day I bought the bike!) It turned out that the regulator was not wired in properly. Today, I had to leave it in a parking bay in Southend high street as I was late for work. When I got back to it, I had a ticket. fair play, it looked like I had just parked it and gone shopping. I thought I would chance my arm and try starting it and it fired straight up :roll: . I rode it straight to my local bike shop, told them what the problem was and walked home. They phoned me 3 hours later and told me the regulator was the problem and it would cost £230 in total to sort. This shop is not a kwak dealer, but my nearest one is 40 miles away.

None of the above really bothered me that much.

Then I found this which came out on Wednesday. http://bikechatter.net/articles/motorcy ... 0r-models/

Should I try to get kawasaki to sort it with the yamaha/suzuki dealer the bike is with? Or should I take it out of the shop and try to ride it the 40 miles to Colchester for them to sort? I would have to still have to pay them for diagnosing the problem.

..............Do you think they will pay for my parking ticket? :cheers:

I still love my bike.

I cant fix it myself because spanners and oil are my kryptonite. I fitted my own aftermarket indicators and now the area under my seat looks like an R2D2 shotgun wound.

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If the problem will be covered under Kawasaki's warranty then they won't pay for another garage do it, you'll have to take to a Kawasaki dealer. If your bike is one of the affected models then I would doubt that they would ask you to pay for any diagnosis. I'd give them a ring..

And no, they won't pay your parking ticket.. Why should they?? :?


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Usual procedure for a broken down vehicle in a parking bay is to leave a note on the vehicle timed and dated stating problem. You have a discretionary hour after legal parking expires to recover the vehicle. If you get a half price discount for early payment it may not be worth the risk of appealing this one and ending up paying double.

At times like this the recovery bit of the bike insurance pays for itself. Does your policy cover you?

It may be worth joining a recovery service. Some of the new member discounts are pretty good.

A mate with a tranny is worth his weight in beer/diesel/fags at this time

Alternatively hire a van and conscript a couple of mates. Drop the bike off and deliver furniture for the day or do a beer run to get max value out of the hire. 8-)

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