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aprilia rs 50 2009 wont start carb problems i hope

Guest jamesktm85

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cut along story short!!!

i have an aprilia rs 50 2009

both exhaust restrictions cut out and random pipe welded shut

go to swap carb to a dellorto p*** not sure model but 20mm with 78 main jet

got a bike garage to fit it he said it doesnt look right but he fitted it anyway

he said revs fine idles right just not been on road test

so i pick it up go 10 yards down road starts bogging out???

look in tank couldnt see any fuel in tank but shook it i could see a drop

filled up still didnt start electric start doesnt work so bumping atm! why did it work with dealer but not me it just wont start ??? please help! :(

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Does it turn over on the button? If it just clicks I would check the starter relay, if nothing happens check fuses and switchgear. If it turns over but won't fire I would change the pilot jet. Have a look at your spark plug. Is it white and blistered? If it is you are running too lean. Why did you change the carb in the first place? Was your old one knackered? I don't really see much of an advantage on a 50

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your right there why did i change it i do not no, i put the normal one back on now but with the same jets and pilot jet i think is that the little 1 next to the main jet ? and it still will not start button just clicks but i have to bump it anyway but i took spark plug out and that is a nice darkish brown colour i put a little petrol in head and it started for 1 second but i think it just makes it sound like it was started but just wont start ???

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first check your battery, sounds like it has not enough power to turn the starter fast enough,

if it has low charge......(guess what?,,,,,,,,,,charge it up!!!)


see if it is charging?, should be over 13.5 volts or so across the battery terminals with the engine running,

if that is ok

then think about carbs??

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I had one of these, had plenty of problems with it :lol:

If its clicking on the starter you have a duff battery and should replace it.

Are you starting it with the choke on? It always needed a bit even in summer otherwise it would die after a few seconds.

Explain how it rides more clearly? Does it idle then pull away fine and bog down or does it do it when given even a bit too much throttle?

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starter motor fu****! so im bumping atm and now it does not even start i put old carb back with bigger jets on still dont start new spark plug still dotn start it started be4 then cut out and poored out petrol in bowl i forgot to put rubber ring back in did it again still leaked still wont start ???????

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