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paraffin oil


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right, so the handbook for the bandit says use paraffin oil to clean the chain. (well it actually says kerosene but apparently its the same stuff). But where do you actually buy the stuff? I have had a look online where I can get 500ml for just under £20, one litre for £6 or 4 litres for £4... There must be a difference and tbh I dont trust those sites.

Anyone know where I can get pure kerosene/paraffin?

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You should be able to get parrafin from lots of garages/diy and handyman shops in plastic 5ltr containers :thumb:

Thanks, I will see if my local garage does it when I go and get some more oil from them. 5ltrs is a bit much though. Any idea how much it will cost? Seems a it heavy for a rucksack too :s

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kerosene is just central heating boiler fuel (paraffin oil) also used in hurricane lamps ect, any hardware store will see you right,,,, or a bit of diesel fuel will do the same job

That sounds a hell of a lot easier to get lol.


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