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Re: Whaich gaming console is the best ?


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I've got a Xbox 360, a PS3, and a Wii.

The thing I don't like about the PS3, is that updates, take so long, and some times fail.

Once when i was looking at Playstation store I pressed a wrong button on my controller, and it brought the game and took the money straight out of my bank account.

So I got a game I didn't want.

I don't know why this happened as I had it set up, so that I had to put a password in if I brought anything.

Perhaps an update changed it or when they had all the trouble with hackers, perhaps a update for that changed it ?.

I don't like paying for Xbox 360 gold, when online gaming is free on the PS3.

I think the 360 controller is better.

I brought the Wii to play some classic games on it.

I used to buy loads of games, ever since the Spectrum days, but don't do the now.

I don't play as much as I used to, but when I do I usually, play on the 360.

So I use that much more.

Don't know about the best though, I just buy the games what I want, usually for the 360, if the games are multi format.

But it's nice having both consoles for the exclusives as well.

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Pay to play online?

No Blu ray player?

Dogs v cats

Car v bike

Xbox v PS

MEN v Women

Same old argument


I don't play online

Already got a blu-ray player


If it wasn't for those two facts, and the price difference at the time I bought my xbox, I would have gone for the PS3.

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Love my Xbox (Kinect is great fun if you have the room) :D

Love my PC..

DS etc have they're uses for moving about but think I'd still prefer pokemon on the old nintendos or a book..

Looking forward to seeing if the rumours about new gen of Xbox has Bluray as thats PSs main selling point atm..

Should be interesting to see what the new gens bring for all :D

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The updates aren't the PS3's fault. It's your internet connection. :up:

I'm on BT Infinity and updates take no more than a minute.

Wii is more of a family / fun console. And I don't see the logic behind charging to play online on the 360, when its free on PS3?

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Xbox is better, PS3 online drops out far too much during games, xbox has never done that for me.

I have a PS3 and have just sold my xbox as I never used it. Only reason being all my mates at work have PS3 so I can play online against them but Id still say xbox is better

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Never had ps3 online game hang unless its EA servers, which are notorious.

Best PC game for me was Americas Army, loved that game.

Chess, ok for quiet games with all generations, but not that enjoyable after say 3 games in one night.....

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Got both, use my PC more for games than either :)

There just aren't that many games where a pad is better than my wheel or mouse/keyboard.

My PS2 was my DVD player, my PS3 is my DVD/BluRay player now, I've never bought a dedicated separate player, I don't watch enough movies etc and I'm not bothered enough to notice or care about any differences.

PS3 doesn't have region restriction which is useful when I love baseball games and they don't sell any over here.

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By the way it looks like I started the thread, I didn't, I just answered a question which turned out to be spam.

I'm not interested in console wars either, to old to be a silly illogical fanboy.

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As a racing game nut I've always had playstations for gran turismo, or because of. Anyway bought a 360 during the looooong wait for gt5 to try forza and it just wasnt the same for me, still have the 360 just never gets used. Blueray player is a bonus but I guess it come down to the games you prefer than the console.

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For me it's between the SAGA megadrive and the super nintendo but each to their own.

Of the modern consoles I think xbox is the best for the majority of people without a doubt.

Good graphics, considerably cheaper to buy, brilliant no controller games and generally good servers.

Only disadvantages is that you have pay to play online and no blue ray, but you can get annual subscriptions off ebay for about £16.

PS3 is only the best if all you care about is graphics

Wii used to be best for group games however since kinect came out I'd argue xbox is better for this too.

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