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Exhaust heat wrap.


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the exhaust on the zxr400 is abit "holey".... now i know i should realy be buying a new exhaust but do you think that gungum on the holes and the exhaust heat wrap stuff you cant get will do for now while i save up for some better downpipes?


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yes, i recon you can, depending on the size of the holes.

use the gum to fill the holes, wrap it in tin foil (to stop the gasses blowing the gum out while it hardens) and wrap the header wrap a round the foil. hold the wrap in place with wire.

it will look loike normal header wrap and will poss last a good while if the gum sets properly.

bear in mind that most header wrap is designed to be under a car bonnet and will hold water like a sponge and will rot your pipes quicker. have a look on eebay for marine header wrap as this water resistant and doesnt hold water.

you'll prob find a standard second hand exhaust for the same price of the wrap!

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the exhaust will pull it in and push it out the end it will flake eventually

ask craig what happens to it he tried a repair before i looked at welding his for him and it just fell out within a few mins

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i thought it was a temp repair til you replace them?

i have used gum on plenty of car exhausts over the years and yes it can shrink and crack, but usually over a long time or if it wasnt allowed to cure properly.

i have also tried to weld thin fatigued exhausts and know how awkward it can be. especially arc or mig. i know which one i would rather do for a temp fix...

brazing would be less likely to blow bigger holes. anyone on here tried that on headers?

if it is to be temp fix, it doesnt matter how ugly the weld/braze/gum looks as the wrap will hide it.

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