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crackin day for it

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Had a good day out in the borders today down two more in the bag. Left Livingston at 11ish.The route for today was down the A7 to Langholm then up the B709 to the first pic the Tibetan centre followed the B709 all the way to the A708 left turn onto the A708 and off to the Glen cafe at St Marys Loch pic 2 in the bag. If anyown is thinking of getting the Tibetan centre i would sugest going down the B709 from the A708 to the centre as the road is lush and smooth as for theB709 from Langholm to the Tibetan centre it is pig awfull massive potholes and more loose gravel than a quarry. After a nice feed and a cupa at the glen cafe headed up th A708 towards Selkirk and turned left at Cappercleuch on to an unmarked road which heads for Megget Reservoir single trck with passing places but by jingo what a road full of tight turns and one hell of a steep decent all with a pretty good road surface. Followed this past Megget Reservoir past Talla Reservoir turned right onto th A701 followed this and turned right onto the A72 then the roman road A721 up to Carnwath right turn onto th A70 and back to Livingston was a great day out with super roads total miles 190 ish.




my first ten points of the day


and that makes twenty points today

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yeah there was frost on high areas on sat night even had to scrap the van at 0400 sat morning didnt fill me full of hope for sunday but all was good. the a68 is a great road in fact scotland is full of great roads

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