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Saturday 24th

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Weather looking good so Rennie & I are planning a ride from Telford to the Ponderosa and then on to Betws Y Coed to pick up the Challenge 100 Tags.

If anyone wants to come along then fine, but it will be at 125 pace! :lol:

Gis a shout if you wanna join us :D

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i will already be in north wales, am heading there on friday. any idea what time you might be at certain places.. might try and team up with you for a bit on saturday, was planning on taking in the ponderosa etc anyway

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i'm heading for ponderosa on Sat afternoon to meet some ppl, but quite late, so then maybeout to snowdonia ,,,,,,,,,,,camping :?: , to aquire a few welsh tags on the sunday, want to get to llanfairoopsmeauntyhadacoffbegorrahgogogoch :D

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im out saturday,if weather is good,what time do you plan to ride out,was up the ponderosa last sunday,very sunny up there,quite a few peeps out too


Hoping to leave home about 10 ish. Bearing in mind the ride will be at 125 speeds, it'll take a bit longer than normal! :oops: :lol: Rennie might be able to say what time we'd hope to be at the Ponderosa - I'm not sure :oops:


Why not Sunday?


Can't do Sundays Lee, cos Rennie has to go to work on a Sunday night! :(

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If ! (and it's a big if :lol: ) we manage to leave home at 10

we should be at the ponderosa by 1130.

spend up to an hour there, then Betwsy.

then home, lots of fag breaks on route :lol:

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we're both up so will probably be leaving here

by 9! :o

we'll be stopping for breakfast at a snack-bar

on the way!

and Sue needs petrol!

still pretty foggy here! :shock:

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