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Kawasaki ER5 A3


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First big bike. As most will notice its seen at many riding schools and with good reason very easy to ride and mechanically bomb proof.

My feelings are its a very sensible bike for anyone on A2 licence , it will need restricting but going form 50 bhp to 33bhp the power / weight ratio is still very good. If your used to 125cc then this will feel like a missile, you get nice acceleration in every gear until you hit 5/6 but this bike is mid range grunt not top end.


Now theres plenty of bits of tat for these on ebay and such and they have a nice following so parts are plenty. Things i recommend are flyscreen to help deal with SOME of the wind on motorways and sliders because the engine is very exposed.

Good Points:

Nice bike to cut your teeth on

Very forgiven

Nice example of modern version of naked bike , not streetfighter

cheap as chips

Fuel gauge!

Cheap thrills but...( see bad points )

Bad Points:

You must take care of it, they will rust!

brakes are a bit dire but your not racing Rossi are you?

*Will not set your world ablaze*


All in all it is what it is, a simple budget bike that offers you no promises other than reliability and cheap smiles. Lets face it, thats what we all want!

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I'm thinking about purchasing Kawasaki ER5 A3. It is pre-owned though so I'm a bit scared of making the final decision. I think it is too old... Any suggestions?

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yea look for rust, if its rusty in places its a good chance its rotting! these bikes rot if not cared for. Gearboxes are clunky so expect it make a bit of a clunk but still should change gear easily

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