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Pitlochry to Blairgowrie?


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I am thinking of heading up (from Edinburgh) to visit a friend in Pitlochry. Going to take the M90 then A9 to get there without much fuss (looks a bit dull though). I was thinking about enjoying the ride back and taking the A924 then A93 over to Blairgowrie. Does anyone know this road? Anything to watch out for? Was then going to follow the A93 to Perth then back on the motorway for the last bit home. Any suggestions for alternative "must ride" routes in the area?


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Go up the A84 to Callander which then becomes the A85 as you head towards Killin take either the North or south route past Loch Tay (I perfer the North) and up to Pitlochry.

Coming back Im not sure of the road but i would try the A822 through Cneff, Gleneagles and on to Dunfirmline. But one of the locals might come and agree or give you a better route.

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This is how I would go, both there and back. You really get going after Dunfermline.

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?saddr=Edi ... ,5&t=m&z=9

The only issue is going past Knockhill Racing Circuit, the road there last time I was on it (a month or so ago) it was potholed and muddy. The rest of the route is fine and keeps you on the bendy bits.

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