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Are these gloves ok ?

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I think you need to spend £16 and tell us how good the gloves are! Both my summer and winter gloves have the solid knuckle guards and it it the glove itself and not the protection that makes them cosy or cool.

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DONE ! they shall be here soon ! will post pics up :) and give you my thoughts....

*EDIT, before i hit the complete order button i can't quite work out the size of which would suit me best ? I'm normally an S/M with standard winter gloves , so would this apply to bike gloves too? and if so which one should i go for ? SMALL? or MEDIUM?

sorry for the question , I'm a very big NOOB.

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Thanks, you can put your review in the Tried and tested part of the forum


which got off to a good start but has rather died a death since. We need more reviews folks! :cheers:

A recommendation for cheap summer gloves with good armour is just what the reviews needs.

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Any ideas about the recommended size ?

PLEASE read my above post were I have added an EDIT...

heres a glove size chart?

7/XS 8/S 9/M 10/L 11/XL 12/XXL

Measurement (cm) 19 22 24 26 27,5 28,5

measurement around widest part of hand( just above thumb!

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just to let everyone know , these gloves are ...

AWESOME, really comfortable and an extremely good fit ! Quality is also A1 so I'm chuffed :) ! worth the 16 squid!

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