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Balancing carbs - those little brass fitting things...


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Hello folks!

Me again - its been a while!

Decided it's about time to balance the carbs on my blackbird today, finally got down to the nitty gritty, got all the way down to the carbs to attach my balancer tubes only to find there are no brass take off adapter things! Silly me, I thought the brass things were put on by the manufacturer but it appears not.

Could do with getting this sorted this weekend if possible. I'm going to give a few bike shops a call tomorrow to see if they've got a clue but thought I'd see if anyone on here had a clue first. If you're still wondering what I'm talking about, this is what I need:

http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/h ... ccfitt.php

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My Fireblade has small Allen screws in each inlet stub, on the cylinder head. You remove them and screw in the brass adaptors that you get with the balancing gauges. :mrgreen:

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You're exactly right megawatt, the manufacturers of the balancers do include the adapters...but I made my own own balancers! :lol: thanks for the reply though

Was planning on showing everyone my cheap balancer solution on here (involving 2 milk bottles, some 2 stroke oil, and some tube! Sounds painful...) but wanted to test the theory first.

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Well this niggle was never solved in the space of a weekend but I have found a long term solution - so for anyone having the same problem as me, my solution has been to order new brass carb nipples (teeheehee!) and the dust caps to go with from Morgan (who make the carb tune, which i hear is very good, though i prefer the price of my milk bottle setup...)

http://www.ekmpowershop20.com/ekmps/sho ... s-14-p.asp

Dunno what size the Blackbird takes so I got 4x5mm and 4x6mm just in case! Now i know what I'm doing for the start of my easter weekend!

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