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Enhanced rider scheme

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Did an enhanced rider scheme yesterday and thought I'd give a brief write up on it. I did my DAS at the end of last year and got myself a CBR600F. I'm a fairly confident rider, I have gradually been learning how my bike handles and how far I can take it with speed and corners etc.

I decided to do the ERS with the same guy I did my DAS with (City School of Motorcycling Edinburgh) he's quite a frank type of character, tell it like it is with no sugar coating and I like that from a trainer.

We were out from 9 - 5 stopping for breaks to discuss what we had just done and what we were going to do next. I learned so much in the such a short space of time it was incredible! By the end of the day I was confidently assessing corners and leaning my bike over accordingly.

There were 2 students on the course, initially I was a little disappointed as I had hoped for one on one trained (though that wasn't promised) but it worked out quite well as you could sit at the back and process what you had learned while the other rider was assessed.

I'm now really looking forward to summer and getting out for a proper blast on my bike. I'm no longer worried about going out with other bikers and cramping their style by not being able to keep up! Don't get my wrong, I'm not going to go crazy, I know it takes time and miles to build up skills but I have a much better idea what to do to get myself out of trouble. I just need to practise til it becomes second nature!

Anyway, I would recommend it for anyone who has recently passed or feels they could do with more confidence on the bike. It's amazing what you can learn being assessed by a pro, I didn't realise I sit a little bit squint on my bike which means I have an odd tendency to take left corners faster and smoother than the right ones, but we had that sorted by the end of the day and my arse is now squarely in the middle of the seat :mrgreen:

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Nice one SilverSpring....... 8-)

We never stop learning while riding a bike.......but to get your riding assessed by an impartial expert must rank as one of the most worthwhile things to do..... 8-) I'm seriously considering doing the BikeSafe thing as I figure I'm still not too old to learn...... :wink:

Thanks for posting this up as I'm sure that there are a large number of riders around who think that once they pass their test that's it....no need to worry about any more training.....so it's good to know that there is a real benefit to this sort of training/ assessment..... 8-)

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Good to read, I am hoping to do some advanced training this year (was meant to last year, hopefully I'll actually have a working bike this summer! :roll: ). Probably start with a bikesafe course but its good to read about other potential options :)

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Thats a great write up, sounds like you enjoyed it and got alot from it.

Like Bob says everytime we go out on the bikes we learn something (good or bad), But to have someone with experience follow and watch our riding style is money well spent.

You hear riders saying "I'll do something in a few years once i have some experiance" or "I've been riding to long now, for all that" But the truth is we can ALL take some advice and help for courses like these, no matter how long or short we have been riding.

Well done Silver :cheers:

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