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wet spark plug? [defunct]


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The bike's been running fine over the past few weeks due an oil change but that can wait till the weekend

But ive been hearing a whining sound after i turn it off and naturally assumed because i dont have a missus it would be the tank breather so i took the filler cap off and sure enough whoosh of air...

it didnt seem to matter(not completley blocked(hence the noise) as it didnt cut out

Got caught out in utterly torrential rain yesterday on the way to a friends and after about 20 miles of 70 mph in the rain i was sat in the middle of the road waiting to turn right and my bike cuts out :cry:

pushed it to my friends house and got the side pannels off did my best to dry out the spark plug but still nothing so i called in back up and got it home.

dont know if its a wet spark plug or the tank breather....

Haaalp :)


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If it runs with the cap off - It's the breather.

If not, then something more 'serious'. A 'wet' spark plug is down to it not firing. looks like fuel OK (as plug is getting wet), therefore suspect ignition system. remove plug and reconnect to lead, lay plug on cylinder head and turn over bike (with ignition on), If spark, check colour of spark, if good, then it is another problem! If bad, or not between the plug base and the tip, replace plug and try again, still not good, then could be battery, alternator, coil, bad earth on coil, poor connector (anywhere on the ignition side of the electrics).

Difficult to help without more info.

Anyone on here close by who could help?


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Could just be water in the ignition circuit. Normally if it was fuel shortage you'de get a bit of misfiring and jerkiness before it cut out. Spray the electrical circuits with WD40 or ACF50 and try again. If it still don't work take the plug out and check the spark like GOG suggested.

Good Luck..... 8-)

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I was all ready to fix it when my dad pops his head out the house and tells me its booked it to the local extortionate yamaha dealer....


spose i can manage some sitting on my arse instead :')

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