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First Ride of the Year - Now with Video

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It's been a harsh winter for snow here in Ramsau but spring has finally arrived, the bikes are back on the road and I've just had my first blatt round the valleys. It was actually a touch on the hot side in the sun but there's no pleasing some people eh?

The high passes are closed for another month or so yet but there is still plenty to keep me amused

I decided to have a run round to Hallstatt which is only a few kilometres north east of me as the crow flies. Its not that easy out here though as there is a huge range of mountains in my back garden separating me from my destination. I ended up doing a 100 mile circular route which took a couple of hours or so.


Hallstatt is a very pretty village set on one of our many stunning lakes. It is so popular with the Chinese that they are building a replica in China.


Here are a few pics I took along the way. Nothing exciting as I was just snapping on the move.

http://s1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd4 ... =slideshow

I then carried on over the Koppen Pass to Bad Aussee.


If this summer is as good as last years I can keep the bikes on the road until the end of November. Fingers crossed :lol:

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Nice one Ali.......bet it felt good to get out on the bike after that fair lay-off...... 8-)

Stunning scenery around there mate......be no good for me on the bike though.......I'd be so busy rubber necking the scenery I'd probably end up in a lake or river enroute...... :lol:

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Excellent video, stunning scenery.

But what are you riding? Going by the colour of the mudguards it looks fantastic, can we have some photos of it pleeeeeeeeese :D

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It's a Can Am Spyder



.......and here's all the toys.


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The Can am is truley beautiful, especially in that colour, I thought it was one of them from the brief glimpses I saw on your video.

What are they like to ride?

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They take a bit of getting used to Ian as they are nothing like a bike. Forces acting on you are more akin to a car. Once you get your head round it they are great fun and go very well, especially in the mountains out here.

Power steering, Traction Control (a bit sensitive for my liking), Stability Control to stop you flipping it and ABS. They have been limited to 120 mph because they use the 6th gear for reverse so it runs out of room to the red line with only 5 but gets there very quickly. You can lift a wheel in anger but the Stability Control will cut in if it gets to high for to long. It will spin up in a straight line but the TC cuts in on bends. It does need to because it is very torquey but as I said, it is a little overly sensitive.

It's easy to ride at a leisurely pace but does require some effort through the bends at speed. The knack is to get the weight over the front wheels entering the bend and then go for it.

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I imported it when I moved over from the UK 2 years ago. At the time mine was only the 3rd one registered in Austria, even though it has a Rotax Engine which are made just up the road from me. There wasn't even a Service Agent at that time and I had one hell of a job importing it.

We have a few dealers now and my Local Can Am Dealer looks after it even though he doesn't sell the Spyder.

It certainly turns a few heads and people want to chat, which is a problem because my German is cr*p. It has more than a passing resemblance to a SkiDoo (Same Company funnily enough) which is what really gets them going. They can't understand that it can't be fitted with Tracks and Skis for the winter. Actually it is dreadful in snow as the TC keeps kicking in.

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