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Disk Pads?


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Noticed that the rear pads on my bike are getting a bit low. So looking at replacements.

Carbone Lorraine have been mentioned on here before as being good.....I've also been looking at Brembo Street pads......but they are both listed as sintered. So just how much of an issue is the increased wear to the disks. Will they knacker out the disks in 10 000 - 20 000 miles (obviously dependant on riding style) or is the wear only really noticeable in higher mileages.

Would better make Organic pads be a reasonable alternative (EBC, Armstrong, etc)......or would the difference in braking efficiency be really noticeable?

I've always avoided Sintered pads in the past because of the issue of wear to the disks.



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Sintered pads do wear your discs. I use carbon lorrain on my bike and never had a problem. I know people who have had problems with cheap pads though, not stopping very well and glazing over quickly

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I had EBC organic once and never again they was crap the lever had no feel and was spongy as hell it was as if they had air in the brake lines i could get the lever back to the bar!

I use carbone lorraine SBK3 and have done for the past 6 years in the TL done over 20k with them with no adverse affects on the disks

well worth it they arent as good when they are cold but they soon warm up and keep warm when riding and you wont notice that much difference :)

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Cheers guys......ordered some Carbone Lorraine pads as they were half the price of the Brembo's. I'll see how they go before I decide on the fronts...although they've got a fair bit of meat left on them.....so shouldn't need replacing in the immediate future..... 8-)

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