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Best man speech


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Less than a week away and it's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to write, especially as you know it's for a room full of people so you second guess everything..

I was going to say that I didn't wanna get caught up in a load of cliches and just wanted to focus on the importance of them two spending the rest of their lives together, then I realised that's a bit shit and a massive cop out as I should be saying that anyway...

Any tips?

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I was best man 2 years ago, I knew what I wanted to say, so just jotted down some bullet points.

I'm use to public speaking so I was not worried about it and the beer helped.

Like what has been said, people will laugh no matter what is said so just enjoy the day.

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Don't write it all out, a few bullet points and get drunk enough to wing the rest of it, people will laugh for the sake of it so you'll be fine.

Was best man for my dad a couple of years ago and did the speech out in a garden, got so drunk on "confidence drinks" beforehand that I couldn't read what I'd jotted down so I winged it, ripped the bollocks into the new step-mother and all was well!

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I have a week and half to finish my speech for my mate, its a nightmare have no idea what to say and i don't wanna get too drunk i have no idea what to say or do :lol:

upto now have about 4 points thats it, need to think of more.

get in contact with family and friends find out what he was like growing up/at school etc etc and just think of a way to make it funny, don't forget you are in a room with everyone who knows the groom and generally knows what they are like so they will find things funny when someone who doesn't know them won't if you know what i mean.

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If you've got to make a best man speech,,, then your no best mate :cry:

You should have talked him out of it before it got that bad :D

:lol: you have no idea how true this is!

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Probably my best (of the 3) best man speeches started with

"Standing here today as the best man is something I can only compare to sleeping with the Queen Mother. Obviously it's a great honour, but not something I have been looking forward to". :mrgreen:

Then I just went on to slag him off.

But seriously, folk will laugh at anything you say as they want you to do well.

Important to remember as has been said, that it's not about you though.

So as long as you do the customary "thank you"s and toasts, you will be fine.

The first one I did I don't even remember, I was so drunk.

That marriage didn't last too long either. :lol: Was down in West Sussex as well.

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Just don't do what a friend of mine did at a mate's wedding. Genuinely brilliant guy but basically he thought the speech would all somehow flow from his subconscious and his freestyle genius would charm the crowd and bring in big laughs... in other words he didn't prepare at all.

It went something like;

"Uhhh, here's to James and Sophie.... they look ridiculously happy, I wish them... um..... all the best for their life together in Australia, I've known Jay for all of my adult life and we've become best friends so I'll miss the guy, but he's head over heels and Sophie is awesome so yeah.... raise a glass everyone, to the happy couple. Cheers"

It was literally over in about 30 seconds and didn't contain even an attempt at entertaining the small crowd. The bride's mum (who'd travelled from Australia) had a look on her face like she'd swallowed a wasp.

So, not having any first hand experience myself, my only advice can be to actually think of something to say before hand :mrgreen:

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I started the last one that i did by saying

Thanks for comin etc,you`ll have to bear with me i`m not used to talking in public

The last time i stood up in front of this many people i only had to say one word,guilty.

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