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Furygan Grip Leather Jacket

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Bought this over the Christmas holidays for £300 and so far couldn't be happier with it.

I have always steered clear of products that have the silly price ranges and for me I've always seen Furygan products as just too expensive to bother with. However, having bought a few jackets over the years for the cheaper price and having them fall apart or basically disintegrate in the rain I thought i'd push the boat out, dust the cobwebs off my wallet and buy this jacket.

It fits perfectly, unlike most standalone leather jackets I've tried, it's not so short that it rides half way up your back when you're on the bike, the shoulder and elbow armour feels very secure and stays where it should throughout. There's a zipped section for a compatible back protector too, although I've yet to try this as my current back protector doesn't fit in the pocket. The leather itself is fantastic quality, very hard wearing and gives a reassuring feel to the jacket making you feel safe in the knowledge that the cow that went into making it was put to good use.

On the bike it seems virtually wind proof compared to a lot of jackets I've tried and has kept me surprisingly warm over the winter period. The inner fleece jacket is extremely warm compared to the textile jacket i'd been using up until buying the Furygan in December and over the sunny periods last week (a.k.a summer) the jacket, without the fleece, was just as comfortable and felt perfectly temperate. In the rain it does its stuff very well, but as with most standalone jackets without a connecting zip to trousers, the water always finds a way into those private places you'd rather keep warm and dry. The jacket has a "hidden" inside pocket underneath the inner lining for stowing away your valuables and two waterproof (or have been so far) pockets on the outside which are comfortably accessible unlike a Weise jacket I used to have which felt like breaking out of a straight jacket everytime you needed to delve into a pocket for your keys.

Off the bike I love the way it looks and it can easily pass as a casual "about the town" jacket for when you're walking down the promenade having ridden down to the coast. The hefty shoulder armour makes you look like a body builder so expect a few long lingering glances from the opposite sex.

All in all i'm extremely happy with the product - it's the best jacket I've ever had for the bike, and in my opinion is worth every penny of the £300 I paid for it. Highly recommended to anyone interested in this style of jacket.

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Funnily enough, I just dragged my Furygan jacket out the loft, haven't ridden for 10 yrs, and I bought it second hand back in the 90's. Must be at least 20yrs old and it still looks fine, not a loose stitch or patch of wear on it.

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