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That "first tool kit" question again...


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Hello, been awhile since my last post but this is quite an obvious one.

It has been covered a few times but I want to ask again.

I want some guidence as far as what tools I should get and wheather i should buy package (Getting double in some tools) or not.

So far I have:

1 big plastic box for all my brushes,tooth brushes, chain lube, wd40, clothes sponge etc...

In this I also have:

Duck tape

Electric tape

Stanly knife

Filter chain remover

Socket set (1/4 I belieeve)

Set of spanners with wrench ends one side open ended the other (if thats the right way to describe them)

as you can tell I have no tool box, What is written there is exacly what I have got. No tool box etc..

I live with parents and need decent storage, hint the plastic box. I dont want my new spanners to stand the test off time in a plastic box with chain lube.

So I want to spend about £50-100 and buy some more tools which I will need for simple maintenance, and that will just make life easier. I was thinking of just getting a chest box and buying individual as I need.

I am changing air filter and plugs soon (have plug socket)

Any suggestions on tools I will/may need or anything in current market I may have missed.

any deals?


Sorry for the long post,


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While cheap tools ARE a waste of time normally, when you are starting out, they will help you get jobs done, and you can always upgrade them gradually if they break. Halfords Professional are great, and much cheaper than most of the other high quality stuff.

I would pick up a multi draw tool box as cheap as you can find (not a snap on etc for 100s), and pick up a fairly cheap set that will include most of what you want for most basic jobs. They won't be fantastic, but at least you will have a reasonable mix of tools. Thats how I started, and I now have most tools, including specialist things like valve spring compressors and torque wrench. I haven't broken a tool for years and have had most of the for well over 10 years. Cheapie spanners will break, I just bought snap on or Halfords professional one at a time as I snapped the cheapies.


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Thanks Matt,

Saw this:

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... zone=PLPz1

Thought it had most basic stuff in, just no home delivery :'( and I know a While ago it was cheaper, I can replace as I get better tools and find somewhere for my excess tools I guess :P

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I wouldn't get that!

the tools are too cheap and wont last long at all get something a bit better quality a mate of mine has that one above and i wont touch it the sockets round nuts off and all sorts it will cause more headaches!

just stick to the basic tools for now you don't need the best but don't buy the cheapest

check out machine mart too I have a lot of their pro range and its really good as is halfords pro range

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i would say a 3 drawer would be too small as think of the future

6 is a decent size then you can get a bottom box and later on you could get a 3 drawer add on to go in the middle

i have a 9 drawer top 7 bottom and in need of more space again! it soon adds up as birthdays and christmas i just write a list of tools i NEED :lol:

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Metal toolboxes invariably chip and rust in my experience. I've had a variety of plastic ones where the main box is usually robust but the trays break. I currently use an aluminium flight case type box. I cut some boards to fit and arranged the most commonly used spanners, screwdrivers, etc on the boards and stapled strips of 1"wide knicker elastic across each tool to hold it in place. Pockets in the lid for bits and pieces and a range of small plastic storage cases for odds and ends. Used to use golden virginia tins but haven't smoked for years.

The problem with sets of sockets and spanners is all the sizes you never use. Chrome vanadium for spanners and sockets is a must. A cheapish half inch drive socket set will fare well enough for home a mechanic. Smaller sizes need to be better quality to stand the strain

You can get good tools cheap and crap tools for a fortune.

Car boots, bike jumbles and shows, flea markets can have some bargains in second hand stuff. An old tool is a good tool.

Don't spend a fortune guessing what you need, buy what you're going to use and update/replace as you get more experienced

I'd include a basic multimeter in any tool kit. I prefer a digital. 2 pair of lockiing pliers, 1 small, 1 large will come in handy. I can recommend visegrip. I've had a small pair4" and an 8" pair for decades and they look and work like new.

I'd include a rubber hammer and/or a leather faced mallet.

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