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Hein Gericke Pathan Evo 3 Finger Glove Review

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Bought from Heine Gericke at the end of 2010 for £50.


They fit my short little fingers!

I have used them in freezing temps and they have kept my fingers warm for up to 30mins (my fingers are pretty much always cold, so for me 30mins is pretty good going!)

Have used them in the rain a few times and my hands have so far stayed dry.

RiDE magazine 'recommended' (2nd in group).


And my OH says they make you (read 'him') feel like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


Not really breathable enough to be comfortable in warmer weather, so on those days where you are not sure whether its winter or summer glove weather its best to bring the summer gloves as well.

Can take a bit of getting used to with the three finger shape (never realised til I got them that I normally use my middle 3 fingers to pull the clutch/brake lever, though I've now adapted to using 2 fingers).

Quite bulky so feel isn't great.


No armour.

They don't look very cool :P


I would recommend these gloves, I have found that most glove fingers are too long but these fit fine. My OH finds his a good fit as well and he doesn't have short fingers. I would prefer with armour, however they are a good fit and have so far kept my hands warm and dry.

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I would second all of what you've said (though I think they look pretty cool in a weird way!) it's a shame they don't have armour as everything else about them is almost perfect.

I bought these second hand on ebay for £12 to replace my Spada Enforcer which leaked, were a bit too bulky and were a little long in the thumb for me (guys gloves on girls hands was never going to be the best fit!)

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Yes, i've got a pair of these for those really cold winter mornings. They are an excellent glove, warm, waterproof, and comfortable. But the lack of armour is a bit of a concern, but normally when i'm riding with these on it's so wet and cold that i'm riding very slow and steady.

Having said that, they are a must for those really cold mornings, especially with an inner glove. The 3 finger design definately keeps your hand warmer for longer compared to the usual 5 finger gloves.

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