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What model was it? 2000, Green/White

When did you buy it and how much did it cost? January 4th 2012, cost £320 for the bike as a non-runner. My brother said this was a good idea, as buying something that didn't work and getting it on the road myself (with lots of his help) would be good preparation if it broke down in the future.

Since then, have purchased; Exhaust silencer, rear shocks, front and rear brake shoes, front brake caliper, front brake master cylinder, new chain and sprocket set, rear brake switch, rear wheel bearings, speedo cable and new fork seals. Also have a speedo drive unit still to buy. Total outlay on parts has been around £400. All labour has been done by myself and my brother.

Looks Well, as most people, I bought the bike I liked the look of that was within my price range. So yes, I like the looks. In a general sense. Up close, there are panels missing (they are pretty rare to find panels for, as the originals are discontinued, and the few I have seen are black, not green), and the paint on one side of the tank has all split, as a result I think of a previous owner spilling fuel on it.

Fun Factor As a cruiser, it doesn't have a lot at the top end. Or in the middle. Or the bottom, really. It tops out at around 55/60, but honestly that's enough for me. I've never ridden/driven anything except a pushbike before, so anything over 20 still feels very fast to me.

Reliability Although it was bought as a non-runner that hadn't been on the road for 4 years, it has only done 5900 miles, so the engine itself is brilliant. It ran from the minute we got it back, starts on the button every time, although it does need a bit of choke if it's cold, but still runs perfectly after a minute. Once we had bought all the parts needed, she sailed through the MOT. The electrics are a bit temperamental, in that the console light that tell me my lights are on only occasionally decides to work, although there is no problem with the lights themselves, and the indicators seem to be on a 4 second cycle.

Would I buy another? Honestly, no. It is a nice bike, but buying a non-running one, although I think it is a good idea in theory, is not such a good idea with this particular bike. There is really only one dealer for parts, and he can only get certain ones, otherwise you have to rely on people breaking one up. I'm now considering taking my test and moving up to a bigger japanese cruiser, or maybe even seeing if I can find a cheap Suzuki or Honda 125 cruiser.

Even if you found a really good example (and there are some out there) the price seems to be only a few hundred less than those Suzukis or Hondas, which would be better value and have more resale value.


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