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advise on leathers

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I have a great textile jacket and pants from Heine Gerike, that so far have done me well all year in all weathers.

I am doing a four day tour of Scotland in June and have it in my mind that I will need a set of leathers but having been through the shops and as the manager at Heine Gerike said "What you have is fine, if its too hot take out the linings” I am thinking do I really need to spend £400 on Leathers.

I am not yet desperate to do a track day though it is something I would like to do sometime in the future.

What do you do? Do you have both textiles and leathers?

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Given the weather in Scotland at the moment i'd not be rushing to get leathers. However even if you don't plan on doing a track day I'd still think about leathers for every day. Having crashed in both I'd much prefer to be doing it in leathers, even if that a means an oversuit for when it rains.

My very fitted HG jacket had the armour move slightly resulting in a bit of road rash which leathers didn't. I now hate to think what would have happened if i'd come off in my first (looser fit) textile jacket. :shock:

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I actually bought textiles in preparation for going to scotland recently and they served me well, I have always had a jacket so just bought some trousers, saved me the space I would have needed carrying my waterproof oversuit!

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That's true but over suits take up no space - just bum bag size!


That depends on how thick they are mine was no way going in the pack it came with and I will never wear a bumbag!The oversuit can be strapped to a topbox rack but you still have to faff about stopping and putting it on for touring I think textiles are the way to go unless sunshine is pretty much gauranteed.

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As said above, if textiles you have are OK then stick with them.

Some leathers have perforated panels to allow a bit of air flow, so in warm to hot weather this is a great coolant when riding. Check out RST gear, they are reasonably priced and good kit.

I personally prefer leather, as I was told, when setting out on my biking adveture, that it gave better abrassion resistance. This coming from my cousin who`d had an off and suffered some pretty bad road rash. I do have a textile jacket (Richa Rix-2) but to be honest, it`s crap at keeping out the rain.

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I have leathers and textiles but not of a 'power rangers' type (which would look a bit daft with a Bonnie) and I sometimes wear leather trousers (for the abrasion protection) with a textile jacket for weather protection.

I wouldn't spend £400 on leathers though - mine were second hand and free but the most I've paid for any motorbike jacket is about £50 and most of my gear is quality stuff. If you feel you must have them then try one of the shows and haggle.

The only thing I don't skimp too much on is a decent lid (even then it has to be a bargain :mrgreen: )

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Touring leathers won't be suitable for a track day and a racing suit is a big investment and not best for touring.

Oiling leathers will give them a limited rain resistance but nothing like textiles. Racers wear an overjacket

I like to wear a leather jacket on all rides. For touring I pack a waterproof overjacket, overpants and gloves.

Good boots make all the difference in a downpour.

If you're happy with what you've got I'd stick with it. Nothing like getting new gear that lets you down and leaving the tried and tested at home.

You'll know better what you need when you get back.

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