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quick suspension question


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My CBR600FS is bouncing hard over bumps in the road and causing my wrists to hurt rather than going over them smoothly if that makes sense!!

Do I need more or less rebound or compression on the front to sort it out?


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It sounds like you have the settings too hard.

You should have less rebound and compression at the front. Just turn each a quarter of turn off and see how that feels. If you don't notice any difference then another quarter turn off and try again.

Record where your settings are now or better still, find out the bikes factory settings and set them to that (and record them) and see how things feel

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First set up the sag properly, you want about 30mm at the front and 20mm back

If you weigh more than 12 stone you really need to fit new springs

The standard settings on the fs are nearly max hard and they are still to soft.

Check and make sure no one has changed the settings

standard settings are:


preload 4 rings showing

compression 1 1/4 turns out

rebound 1 3/4 turns out


Preload 2

compression 1 1/2

rebound 1 1/2

ALWAYS start with the adjusters fully turned in before making adjustments

push down on the bike, chances are its slow to return and may even bob up and down a few times, this needs dialling out by adding more rebound. Then you'll need to go for a ride and tweak the compression.

I ended up going to MCT and had linear springs and 15w oil fitted in the forks and it made a huge difference.

EDIT: ive added a little suspension guide that should help you out


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