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Halvarssons Neck Collar


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Bought this the other week to replace my trusty scarf which does do a very good job, IF you get it wrapped up right... but its all too easy to end up with a little gap somewhere :roll:

Went into my friendly local(ish) bike clothing shop to find an alternetive. I first tried the cold killers large neck warmer, but it was way too loose at the top. Same with the small one. The man recommended this Halvarssons one.

Good: The material feels good quality and heavy duty, it is elasticated at the back for a better fit. The inside at the front is a nice soft fleece.

Had it on a few test runs recently when its been very cold out and also in the rain and it really is excellent at keeping the wind and the rain out.

Price, I paid £17 and feel that this is a very reasonable price for the level of performance.

Medium: Due to it being so very warm it really needs to be a last minute thing you put on!

The bottom doesn't go down very low- a few inches below the top of your jacket at the front and only just past the collar at the back so if the neck of your jacket isa bit loose you might still get a draft.

I found having my mouth and nose covered takes quite a bit of getting used to and have tended to pull it down so they aren't covered which certainly doesn't help with the bad...

Bad: Unfortunately, due to my scrawny neck, despite the elasticated back I struggle to keep it in place and it tends to slide down at the back and let a draft in. The collar on my jacket is not a very good fit either which doesn't help with the draft at the back.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Halvarssons Neck Collar, I am very disappointed that it wasn't a good fit for me because when I have managed to keep it in place its been absolutely brilliant.

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