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Tc, roy techno did scotland!


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Nice pics Techno......gotta do that one day....but I think I'll wait for slightly warmer weather..... 8-)

You guys thawed out yet..... :lol: :lol:


Best time of year to go Bob. As long as you avoid the rain

Roads are quiet, scenery is amazing with snow capped mountains.

No midgies

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You lucky sods, looks great. Just wish I had the balls to do those long runs you said you`d be doing. I`ll do it one day though...I hope. Glad you had a great time :thumb:

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Wish I could have joined you for the whole trip guys.

But was good to meet up anyway.

Did you like that wee road from Moniaive to Dalry then ? :lol:

That was not the road I thought it was.

We stopped at Carsphairn for a coffee and it started hailstones, then two minutes later the sun was out again.

Oh and I said we were going to Dalmellington then head off home, but my internal sat nav went astray and we ended up in Ayr anyway. :lol:

Poor Revs had a bursting headache from her new lid as well. :(

Until next time. :thumb:

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gorgeous Country, going up that way in August for a weeks holiday, without a bike though :crybaby:

will be top of the list of places to tour once I have my big boys bike (and license) went on the Bealach na Ba road by Applecross last year and would of killed to be on a bike!

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