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2004 GSF600S Bandit


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What model was it?

2004 GSF600S Bandit (S stands for Sport. AKA the faired version (half faired). With 33hp restrictor

When did you buy it and how much did it cost?

955 miles ago

Ok, so a few people paint a bad picture of the bandit, but I will tell you why they are wrong.

Good points

Some people say it takes restrictions badly, but in my opinion it takes it well.

Easy to control at low, walking speed

Easy to filter with

Can keep up with most big bikes

Good fun on the twisties and fun to do spirited rides on

Very comfy due to the seat and riding position. Have done 220 miles in a day with no aches or pains whilst on the bike, shortly after getting off the bike or the day after

Good for commuting

Good work horse. You can have a lot of extra weight and only really notice any power decrease at way over the legal speed limit.

Decent top speed even when restricted. Enough to get you banned anyway, so plenty fast enough and fun getting there.

Extra weight doesnt effect the handling

This model has hazard lights which can come in use now and again

Very reliable

Can fit top box etc without making it look ugly (but the one I have is cheap and I do not trust it on large rides, but that is nothing bad against the bike)

As all Suzuki's it comes with Alpha Dot which can be a deterant to potential theifs



Bad points


Others say it handles like a "barge" or a "tank". This coming both from people who own one and who do not ut have had a go on mine, however personally as it is my first big bike so I knew the handling would have been different and therefore dont think it is bad. Also I think it is a good point. Learning on a badly handling bike sets you up to be able to manage anything

The screen vibrates at around 5k RPM in one of the gears (cant remember which). This is a known issue, but does not happen on all bandits

Would you get another?

Probably not. Why would I sell the bandit just to go out and buy another bandit? However if I wrote it off or something then the bandit would be high on the list of possibilities

Any other comments?

no, just pictures






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I'd have one,smaller than my current bike but it would do me nicely and I'll probably go for a smaller bike next time.Still a lot of very nice ones around and they even rattle on forever when they've not been very well looked after.I like the retro looks as well,prefer the older stuff.As an everyday bike they're great,cheap to run and easy to maintain.

I know that Honda Rune you're parked next to in one of those pics,if you want to spoil the owner's day ask him how much tyres cost for it.

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Recently passed my test and got my 1st legal Big bike W reg 600s faired Bandit

i paid 1000 for it with 12mth tax & 10mth test

i was advised on a few different 600cc bikes in the end i chose the bandit

The power is amazing i got to 130 & wasnt red lining only just testin top speed

didnt maintain that speed for long the riding position is really comfy its nice and light

and handles well, i cant really compare it with any other bikes in this range as ive not rode any of them yet

but i will say if your a totally new rider PLEASE be careful what ever you buy theese newer bikes are fast

but for a 1st road bike ITS AMAZING


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(Ok this is about the 1200) Born from the gsxr 1100 bored out & Suzuki strategy to reuse items in next gen bikes but a powerful cheap bike for the masses, with more customised tat available than you can throw a tat shop at, reminds me of the 3 ltr capri way to much engine for the chassis, labelled a bike hooligan tool, favourite with historic stunt riders( Jimmy Fireblade for instance, I guess he didn't want to be called Jimmy Bandit !) Faults are collector box can rot a stainless repair is best, suspension is budget end but still ok but getting flustered when pushed hard. Engine is bullet proof and can be enhanced ( Holeshot Racing). A great bike.

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Sounds good!

Just bought a 2003 reg bandit. 8300 miles got for £2000. Feels lovely to sit on, looks amazing, and i havn't ridden it yet but i'm sure the power will be amazing. Can't wait to ride it =) Half faired in a dark blue.

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