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What annoys me about this...


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Is that he should not be here, everyone know that and if it was not for a few lawyers he would not be here. Screw the Human rights things, just put him on a plane we'll sorth that issue out when he has gone.

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/fresh-doubt-ov ... 31.html?nc


Gets my vote!


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This is where Human rights fails as it does not include duties. To get rights we also should have duties, he has failed in his duties so should be deported. That that may mean he is tortured is a consequence he should consider when when weighing up his decisions about how to behave.

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The Law is just a set of simple rules. If the practitioners can't get it right then more fool them. We have to bare in mind that the media are dead set against the human rights act because it will limit their ability to sell salacious stories, that are not in the public interest but are merely gossip and nosiness.

They highlight all the strange and quirky cases that turn up but don't cover the mundane cases.

If we do not adhere to the rule of Law, however complicated or longwinded it gets, then we become a lawless society, reduced to the biggest gang with the biggest weapons.


There will be no human rights only human wrongs.

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A well written reply Colin shame about it being completely irrelevant, these are not laws in that context this guy hates the country that he lives in, even preachers it he gas no right to stay here if he hates it so much he wishes to do harm to those living here then he should be sent packing asap!

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