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Fix or Upgrade?


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Ok, so as some of you may know, my Daytona 600 has been having some charging issues.

Now, after following a link I was given I have come across some potentially useful infomrtaion.

1) The reg / rec used in triumphs is a shunt type. These generally run hot and are not as efficient as MOSFET type regulators. These can be found from newer kawasaki bikes for example

2) The wiring they have suggested, goes completley against stock. They suggest bypassing the original wiring harness, and linking the rec/rec output back to the battery directly via a 30amp fuse

3) The connectors are now all wrong because the reg rec has come from a different (more efficient) bike's charging system

So questions are:

a) are MOSFET refulartors much more efficient, to the point where they are so much better that it is worth using them instead

b) This idea of linking the reg/rec output back to the battery via a fuse, and not going into the original connector suppld by triumph (the reg rec goes back into the wiring system) is that a good idea? I mean... it would generally work providing the fuse was ok?

c) the fact that all the plugs are different means I may have 2 options. 1) solder them directly in, bypassing the need for anny connectors as such. 2) Could I use any old push fit connectors as long as they are wrapped in tape and stuff?

Thanks for the help. I know its quite specialist, but my main concern is the reg / rec back to battery idea.

They swear by it on the forum and say that everything is much better like that, just got to carry around some fuses incase it blows.


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Do it it will be fine its a common upgrade on the tl without any ill affects

You could get the connectors from somewhere on the internet

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Yeah I can see the logic, I was just checking the regulartor direct to battery was not going to kill anything. As I said they seem to swear by it. So yeah I think that is the way forwards, I have found some good waterproof connectors also, supplied by a company who recognise the need for retro fitting the more reliable reg recs, and it also includes a decent looking inline fuse holder.

Awesome stuff.

Once I get all the stuff in and get working on it, I can upload a load of stuff on it, it seems that the issue effects a lot of older trumphs 03-04 kinda age.

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Going straight to the battery is miles better as you don't have to go through the oe wiring which usually isn't good enough anyway

Check a wiring diagram and you will find it goes to the battery anyway just not straight to it

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