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I am going to be buying some boots for the missus and I've noticed is recent years more and more ladies boots becoming available

On a practical level, fashion/styling aside, does it really matter?

Obviously women have smaller feets (in most cases O_o) so is it just about the length of the foot?

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Some of it is styling but women, on average, have slightly different shaped feet, are generally shorter so less distance between foot and calf and generally less straight legs (curvier calfs). This means that we often find it hard to find boots that fit well.

Having said that, I tried on loads of 'ladies' boots only to settle on standard Sidi Black Rains because they fit the best.

I have quite big feet though (6 1/2 or 7 to allow for thick socks) so can usually choose from 'men's' ranges as well

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Great :D

Thanks all for the input and for the link :cheers:

I couldn't find linky when I was searching, so got fed up and reinvented the wheel :oops: Figuratively speaking of course 8-)

Off out in a bit to see what we can find :thumb:

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Boots bought

Sat the moaning bitch missus down and made her try everything they had that fitted her, even the ones she she didn't like the look of :D

She settled on some waterproof Alpinestars SMX 5's 8-)

As soon as she put them on I got the look of approval :wink:

I needed some new boots as well as my old ones leaked like a seive

Not wanting to be outdone or do the tweedle dum and tweedle dee thing I tried a few of the others on making extra special effort to avoid the ones the missus chose :lol:

Ended up with the same though as I found them snug and very comfy :roll:

All kitted out now ready for the soash at Ian and Sues next weekend :thumb:


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