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The ride today by Marquez was unbelievable,looked more like a computer game than realife.

This lad is going to shake quite a few up next year as long as he stays on.

We know from past exploits the top guys don't enjoy aggresive overtakes(no Stoner to join in with the lynch mob now though) so an interesting season lies ahead.

Gutted for Crutchlow but didn't you know he was going to throw it down the road.

Well done to Danny Kent with Cortese showing a bit of grace,easy now the championship has been sewed up.

Testing on Tuesday will be fascinating.

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To win from the back of the grid was astonishing.

Don't forget all the bikes have the same Honda engines fitted to start with.

OK,you build your own chassis and do a certain ammount of tweeks to the motor but at the end of the day not alot will seperate many of these bikes.

Your'e not talking about a top of the range motogp bike passing al the crt's.

This lad's something special,it may take him a year of hurt to get to grips but that is what usally happens to most of the top riders.

Has been raining today for testing so not much to report on.


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All the bikes having honda engines is irrelevant look at the difference in acceleration fron marquez to some of the others if there wasnt much difference he wouldnt have got passed so many so quick.

The fact that now he has gone suddenly ooo lets have a weight limit for next year,utter joke on a control class.

Having said that you cant deny hes good,just how good renains to be seen.

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Probably a future World Champion, not a popular one with the other riders though. Wasn't there someone else, very sadly missed, with similar credentials? Could make Moto GP slightly more interesting next year? :mrgreen:

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Similar credentials poss but simoncelli never deliberatly put people of track nor did hi ignore slowing down laps and nearly kill other riders so to me the diff is simoncelli knew where the line was Marquez does not and with Honda behind him will prob get away with all sorts as dorna cant afford to loose them

in my humble opinion

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