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sym xs 125 issues


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hi all,

i own a sym xs 125 and when accelerating hard or full throttle it sometime chockes and it turns off . there is a term for this which i can't remember it now but basiclly it is as if the bike gets no air in the combustion chamber and does not accelerate. the will go away if i hold the throttle on full on position or drop gear . this even sometimes happen as i want to pull quickly from traffic light.

the other issue is when it is cold and i ride the bike as soon as i pull the clutch in the bike switches off . this is not always the case and has happened few times. especially when i go around 50 mph in 5th gear and then pull the clutch in then the rev drops and then the bike switches off.

i made a change which seemed to help slightly with the first case which is when i pull off from traffic light but the issue is not fully resolved. what i did was, i openened the side panel and rotated the head of the air sucking plastic ( shown in the link below) toward front of the bike so it can suck air. before tha it was pointing to the back of the bike and no flow was going through it thus sometime not enough air supplied and chocked, did i do the right thing ?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SYM-XS125K-20 ... 416a5cd9df

now my next step is to listen to what people advise in this forum on what to do to fix it but in adition, i am thinking of replacing the air box with a cone shape filter which you normally put on cars.

below is a link to it , what do you guys suggest?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chrome-Pod-Ai ... 3ccc763f99

all helps are much appreciated

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I know exactly what the problem is here, it's a Sym!!

No but seriously the bike should run fine with the original air box on it. Have you checked the air filter foam? Could be clogged up with crap! How old is the bike? If its covered by some sort of warrenty I'd take it straight back to the place you got it.

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