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What is wrong with my moped ?


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Hi Luke here.

So basically, I switch my lights on and they come on and everything but, say if I switch dipped to full beam (vis-versa)

They like go off and I have to push down on the switch to make them come on if you get what I mean ?

How much would this cost to get fixed at a garage ?

It's like a few weeks ago the horn stopped working, but then randomly came back on ( Horn is same side as lights)

Thanks team,

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Agreed, stick some wd40 on some of the electrical stuff, it will drive out any moisture that may be causing some issues.

Sounds to me like the lights may do due to the switch, rather than an electrical issue as such. All other electrics running fine? No drain on the battery when the bike is switched off or anything like that?

I wouldn't take it to a garage just yet. But that's just me. Garages can take a rather long amount of time when it comes to sorting out electrical issues (depending what kind of garage you take it to) which all adds up.

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Agreed. Sounds like damp in your switches. WD40 for a quick fix, or if you have a spare half hour and a screw driver, dismantle the switch housing, dry the contacts, clean them and put some contact grease on them. Will do forever then. Same with the horn, probably the switch. Don't waste money taking it to a garage!

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