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I want to take my test before the new law comes out and i was just wondering how easy is Mod 1 and mod 2?


If you can ride and have good road awareness and can remember the few points that your instructor will tell you are very important to do on your test then they are easy, if you cannot then they are hard.

Take an assessment lesson with your chosen instructor and ask him how much training he thinks you need, you will be going some to get them in in time though.

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How long is a piece of string? I passed both first time with no problem, others don't. It's down to your ability , luck and if the examiner got laid the night before.

May as well ask lotto results lol.

Look on you tube for videos of people doing their tests, these are a few videos of actual tests. It's your riding ability that matters. Get a cbt and the instructor will advise you properly.

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How many hours riding did people have before they took the test?

I have been driving 3 years now and have road awareness but obviously it is slightly different on a bike.


I rode a bike when I was younger (16 to 18) then nothing apart from the odd spin on a moped which I had a grandfather rights license to.

My eldest got a bike, I remembered what fun it used to be so went for my test.

CBT is about 8 till about 3 (6 ish hours on a 125)

Mod 1 training was same again (6 ish hours)

Mod 1 test was miles away so the ride there and back was also Mod 2 training (another 3 hours)

Mod 2 training 6 ish hours then the ride there at an hour or so.

so 22 ish hours start to finish, but I have ridden before and have driven for 20+ years, my instructors said I took straight back to it like a duck to water.

If you have not ridden before and don't even have a CBT I can't see how you will get it all in before Jan 19th. How old are you?

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