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hello everybody

sorry wasn't sure where to add this post.:)

this is my post post/question on this specific forum although aware of the etiquette that i should try and help as many peoples questions that i'm experienced in so basically my question is that I've recently acquired a sum of money and with this money i would like to get a new set of tools as i have always used my late fathers that are fine but i would like my own really so im going to get the following

alan key set

socket/torgue wrench set

wrench set

screwdriver set

maybe a drill

glue gun

dremel saw

wire strip/cutters

pliers and needle nose pliers

a vice grip

tape measure

voltometer or some form of electrics tester

tire pressure gauge

paddock stand

and if ive missed any tools for fixing motorcycles, mountain bikes that kind of maintenance pluss stuff thats needed in "general" diy.

thankyou appreciate the help

Read more: http://www.diynot.com/forums/automotive ... 4/#2599720#ixzz2EOCtUtDA

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Welcome to the Forum mate........maybe pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself wwhen you get a minute.... 8-)

Not a bad shopping list......not sure about the glue gun.....hardly ever used mine.......definitely a power or cordless drill of some description. Feeler guages may well come in handy at some point. Hammer......a must for any aspiring mechanic..... :lol:

Good luck...... :wink:

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impact drivers are useful too.

i recommend any of halfords proffesional tools. their socket sets are particularly good when purchased at half price.

if you can get a set of ball headed allen wrenches with a t-handle then you'll find these very useful on bikes.

i also get lots of use from my gas powered soldering iron.

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Fine diamond file

Mallet (plastic removable heads)

Lumps of 2x4

Band aid

'Orange' swarfega

Easy-out set

Penetrating oild or WD-40

Inspection lamp

Set of small drifts

Nut splitter

Heat gun / hairdryer

Radio/CD Player

Box of assorted washers and 'o'-rings


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