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Fuel sender help


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Hiya guys

Don't know if anyone can help. I have a yamaha ybr 125 2010. Ever since I've bought it 2 months ago the petrol gauge does now work properly. They've fixed it twice and once again it's playing up. I'm sick and tired of it and don't want to have to keep taking it back although it has a 1year warranty. They said its the fuel sender. I don't know why they can't fix it. Not sure whether to ask for an exchange for a different bike, try and fix it myself. I don't want to keep going over the problem. Any help, advice or experience on this issue would be well appreciated.

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Kick up a fuss, if they've "repaired" it twice they obviously aren't doing their job correctly! I wouldn't touch anything whilst it is under warrenty otherwise they might get a bit funny about it and refuse to do anything.

A mate of mine bought an 09 YZF 125 from a dealer and had no end of problems with it and they ended up having it in the garage for over 3 months. Long story short he went in one day and left with a brand spanking new 11 plate YZF 125 and money off his finance (around £500).

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I had a similar problem with my old Sazuki Burgman. Bought it from a dealer in Swansea and not long after I've had it I started having some fuel problems with it, the gauge wouldn't read correctly and looking in the tank I could see that there was a shit load of petrol still in there.

I took it down to the dealer where I got it from and got them to take a look, cheecky bast*rds had drained the fuel (While I was watching) and tried telling me that there wasn't any fuel in it to begin with so I went ape over it and told them straight. If I hadn't any fuel in the bike how would I have got down here in the first place? And don't bring up the trailer suggestion because this thing wouldn't fit in the trailer.

So in the end I complained to their boss who had them do the job correctly and as it turns out, it was the float or the sensor that was the problem. So it could be either one with yours ^^

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Thanks guys, so annoying my friend had exactly the same bike and the same problem. Don't really want this bike anymore and would like to exchange it for another model ideally the Honda CBF 125.

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