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Vinyl wrap for your bikes

Guest Wrap boy

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I have just joined as a business member; so I wanted to introduce myself to you all.

My name is Colin Bruton and I own a company called AutoArt Designs based in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands. T: 01922 454 656

We help people to customize their motorbikes by "wrapping" all or part of them. I will be posting pictures of the jobs we do, but if you fancy "stamping" your personality on your bike and have some ideas of your own; then please get in touch and I can give you some ideas of costs etc.

Thanks for your time and speak soon,

Colin (Wrap Boy)

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Sorry for the delay in replying...I was waiting for the go-ahead from Stu. I am now a paid up member so I will be replying to all of your queries today; thanks again for your interest :-)

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Welcome, always thought something like this would be excellent for tanks as they always get scratched.


Yeah...some of the thicker vinyls are really good to stop scratches. We cover a lot of pannier lids for that very reason!

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whats it like round the edges?? i always imagined the edges of the wrap would curl up and look a bit tatty after a while??


Hi...good question!

We don't actually wrap it around an edge; we cut along the edge and let the material fall naturally. When I say cut, we never cut onto your tank or panels; so we don't stratch your paintwork...there is an art involved; hence the AutoArt name!

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Just had a thought

can you supply a clear film to cover paint to stop stone chips?


Yes you can; either 150 or 300 microns thick. Unlike wrap material; it is a "wet" application; we would need the panel or bike for 24 hours to allow it to dry properly.

It isn't cheap; but well worth it!

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Just some examples of options for vinyl wraps.

Matt / Gloss colours

Pearlescent colours

Leather look: orange, black, brown

Crocodile Skin look: Silver/black, black, white, Bronze

Carbon Fibre: Matt white, gloss white, sliver, grey, gold, red, blue, black

Brushed aluminium



and plenty more!

Ideal to cover all or some of your bike. We can also produce logos and graphics.


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We had a customer that made an old Bonnie into a Bobber. He wanted us to cover the pitted chrome instrument panel, the battery case, the key cover and a side panel in carbon fibre...until he saw the black leather effect...what do you think of them?






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We had another customer that wanted his front mudguard covering in carbon fibre. He didn't want to pay for a whole section of material, so we used an off cut for the edges; which is why the carbon fibre texture doesn't run along the same direction on the side piece compared to the top...it looks really good on the bike :-)


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