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oil dipstick


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hi everyone my son has just got himself a Honda cbr 125cc.The bike has a dipstick to check the oil all of my bikes ive had have a small glass window does he still have to stand the bike upright to check oil level cheers sam

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I'm sure I've read somewhere that you should check it about 5 mins after returning from a run on the bike.....don't check it when the bike hasn't been run and the engine is cold.

Gotta say it's a PITA on bikes with no centre stand..... :roll:

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and dont forget the dipstick should be removed from engine wiped with a clean rag then placed onto the casing but not screwed in and then lifted to get the level correct


Are you sure about that Steve?......mine has to be removed, wiped clean, then screwed right the way back in, removed again and checked..... :)

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