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yoke respray


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So I am finally fed up with the top yoke in the condition its in and want to repaint it (will probably buy another one off ebay, sand down and repaint, then replace and sell the current one as I am using the bike throughout the week)

I know there are plenty of how to's and tutorial type posts on the forum, but my question isnt so much "how" to paint it, but what to use for the best, professional looking outcome without using powder coating. Something I can do myself.

I have heard of people using hamerite, is it any good? Easy to do? I have used it on other things and to me it always looks like the paint is really thick.

hand held spray paints? Is this likely to leave streaks/runs in the paint and/or be too thin for use on the yoke?

Any other methods?

Thanks, alex

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Unless you get a compressor with a spray gun attachment then spray can is probably the best way!

I suggest VHT paint, get it on ebay. Its very durable.

You can get it in anodized colours as well. Just make sure to prime it first, keep it held away far enough that it dusts it well without building up as thats how you get drips. Do a few fine sprays and use Polecats guide.

Do passes from left to right, allow to dry then do it right to left. Flip it over and get any parts you didnt hit :)

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You can buy 2pac paint in tins, go to jewl paint etc and ask for the colour you want and they mix there and then. You have about 4 hours to use it then it sets in the can.

Alternatively standard rattle cans can achive stunning results, the secret is prep! Get the item prepped and primed and the rest will be easy. If you use a chip resistant paint like they use on the underbody it's got a nice mottled finish like the standard yoke paint, goes on thick and covers well, is resistant to scratching from keys.

The standard paint on my yoke seems to be electro painted and very thin! Ill be doing mine soon but shot blasting first to give a rough surface finish to hide imperfections with none of the normal effort.

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