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Strange knocking/banging sound


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This has been happening for a few days now and I haven't been hearing anything like it before but when I say bank a corner or a bend then I hear some strange knocking sound, the same thing happens when I'm banking a corner in low gear so say anywhere from 2-4 I would hear it also.

I have checked my chain, and have adjusted it but I still hear the knocking or banging sound and I'm not sure where it could be coming from.

I have a few ideas of what could be causing it but, haven't got around to checking it out yet.

I'm thinking it could probably be something to do with the gearbox or something within the engine part, sounds more as if it's coming from the rear wheel though...

It couldn't be the bearings as the bike doesn't wobble or anything while going straight or around any corners or bends.

Any ideas of what it could be?

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sprocket bushes may need changing, or it could be your wheel bearings if its only just started its may not be enough to make thebike wobble yet.

if you are thinking engine, before you go paying money for nothing get a mates help and while the engine is running get them to lean the bike. if its in the engine you would be able to hear it. if you cant then you can be happy that it isnt the engine

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Well I already have a new chain, just need sprockets.

@ Matt - Its likely enough to be an ambulance trying to barge me out of the way :P

@ Bex - Tried that already, done it myself after my post. It's not engine related, have stuck the bike up on center stand and let it run in first (Shouldn't have done that but it worked none the less) and just let it run, both the chain and sprockets are f**ked.

So, I'll have to get new sprockets tomorrow :)

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jam your right, if you change the chain without the sprockets the old curve on the tooth will damage the new chain so you should change both together, unless you change the chain well before its damaged

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Aye, I will be changing them both together when I get the new sprockets. Will look on Ebay now and take a look, see how much they are going for and if there are any for a decent price then I'll be getting em.

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