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Gilera DNA 50 bogging down

Guest LewisMoyn

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I have recently replaced the variator, belt, rollers and clutch due to the belt slipping and melting...

Rebuilt it all back together today and it pulls off just fine until it gets to about 18mph / 6k revs. The bike will just bog down and and if I put more throttle on to compensate it stops accelerating all together.

My guess is the belt slipping or some kind of issue with the carb?

All help is appreciated, cheers :)

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If the revs aren't rising when this happens I'd dismiss the belt as the problem. My thought initially is a fouled spark plug....try changing that first before going for the carb.... :wink:

Cheers, ill check that tomorrow morning and report back :)

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If the bike was running ok prior to you changing the parts you mention, i would suggest that its more to do with what you have replaced.

Are all the parts changed the same as were previously fitted, or have you replaced them with aftermarket racier ones.

It may be as simple as the roller weights for example, otherwise i would agree with previous comment.

Bit more info would help.

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