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Why is my bike written off?


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Here is the reason. Just stumbled across this site, which sells genuine parts.

Its because insurance companies like to replace anything that is damages with genuine parts. There is none of this polishing/buffing scratches out, no repairing fairings or respraying engine casings. Oh no, they replace the whole lot.

I am currently looking for a screw, a tiny thing that holds a fairing in place and this is the price I am quoted.

http://www.suzukiscooterspares.co.uk/sp ... 2555&uid=0

Now imagine having to replace your whole front cowlings, the costs could run into the thousands, let alone brackets/fixings/indicators/bar ends/mirrors/exhaust etc etc etc

Anyway, does anyone know of anywhere I can find this damn bolt cheaper? There are a few specific bolts I want and as far as I am aware, patern componies dont do fixings :(

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there is a reason why things like screws are seemingly expensive. they are not just a bit of metal lol but yes bikes are writen off easily but also to save numpties who are not able to fix the bike safely from killing themselves on twisted bikes. imagine if you were able to fix everything and anything lol

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That is a special screw because of the flange behind the domed head. I have stainless domed head allen screws. The flange could be made with a suitable length piece of alloy, plastic or stainless tube to prevent crushing and cracking of the fairing plastics. I have various tubes and spacers that could be cut to length to make the flanged section of the bolt. It doesn't need to be a one piece expensive item.

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Or get some tubing the right size, drill it and tap it then cut it to length as required, put it into the soft grips of a vice and screw it in right to the end. Or have a machinist mate do it for you :)

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