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Best oil ?

CG nuts

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The manual recommends a decent quality SAE 10W/40 - fully synthetic oil is completely unsuitable for a CG, for want of a more technical description, it's too slippery. CG engines aren't/weren't built to the ultra-tight tolerances of more modern, high performance engines - using fully synth' is likely to lead to high oil consumption and glazed cylinder bore.

As Megawatt posted, something like Halford's own-brand SAE 10W/40 will be fine. The best thing you can do for the CG is check the level regularly and change the oil regularly (rather than spending 20 quid on a litre of unsuitable oil). Also, clean out the centrifugal oil filter located behind the clutch cover once a year.

Give her a bit of tlc and she'll last you for years.


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If it was a 15BHP 125 then use fully synthetic but as it's just a CG semi-synth from Halfords will do the trick :)

I use fully synth in my CBR600 as thats a high output engine for a 600. But for an old diversion 600 i just used semi synth. My mate who owns it dynod it at 49BHP so no way did it need super slippery fully synth.

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