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Yamaha FZR 3TJ 400 1991 Need some info????

Guest lewisevery

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ive just payed for a yamaha FZR 3tj 400 1991 possibly a 1990 i havnt fully checked yet as im picking it up on the 15th and basically i cant find much stuff out about this bike on the web and i was wondering if anyone could help me out. the one thing i think i know is they were very popular track bikes but that is it rly the one i just got has only got 15k miles on it so im guessing it wasnt really used much on the road possibly. but anyways any info on this bike would be appreciated like there reliability ect ? cheers guys

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what do you want to know :?

yes the 3TJ is the one to have for racing a mate of mine races one

reliability is pretty good

you can fit an R6 rear shock and blue spot front brake calipers

If the motor does give up its almost always the big end bearings as the shells don't get enough oil and you will spin a shell and probably weld it to the crank

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My dad has got 2 or 3 of these and i asked him about them.he reckons theyre comfortable for about 80 miles or so,the riding position is good but the seat is hard.he says they are reliable and to run them on a semi synth oil as the clutches dont always like a fully synth and can make them slip.the 3tj is the grey import model and the 4dx is the uk spec model but they are more or less exactly the same bar a few minor details.spares are very cheap second hand and fowlers and granbys still carry a good stock of stuff for them.try the 400 grey bike forum as it has a section just for the the fzr400 and they are very helpfull.the 3tj model is restricted to 112mph and needs an mph converter to unleash the last few mph,it fits on the back of the speedo as thats where the restriction is but he says its probably already been done if its been in the country for a few years-any thing else just ask

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