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Stupid question about oil levels


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so going for "stupidest question of the year" award super early in january this year, but i've googled and checked the handbook, it doesnt seem to come up with anything.

how do i top up my bike oil?

as in, where does it go? because in a car you dont pour it down the dipstick, it goes somewhere else (at least on mine it does)

It's a honda cbf500 with a dipstick and not an oil window - is there a cap somewhere to take off and fill up, or do i unscrew the dipstick and put it in that way?

i feel bad for asking this, but i'd feel worse having to post "my bike blew up, help"

edit: whilst i'm here. The gearbox seems very clunky and when engine braking i sometimes get a faint knocking or clicking noise at low revs - is this related to oil levels or chain tension or something a little more serious?

I'm going to be doing (read: my friend is going to show me how to do) a simple service soon as its coming up to 8k miles - should i have this done then recheck it?

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it goes in the dipstick hole,do it with bike on centre stand if it has one fitted and check owners handbook to see if oil level is checked with dipstick resting on the casing or screwed in


thanks for the quick reply!


Unscrew the dipstick and top it up through the hole, you may find it easier with a small funnel :thumb:


and thank you too.

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