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so I finally got round to painting a few bits on the bike, bought some paint with the exact match to original parts, however it is in a bottle rather than spray paint (the spray paint in this colour cost something stupid like £30, so f**k that)

I did a test on a couple of parts using a brush, but it just ends up with brush marks all over it which are really noticeable, even from a distance. Any tips?

Could I water some down and put it in a spray bottle? I doubt that would work somehow.

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DONT add water!!! :shock: :shock:

you need to get a spray gun and compressor to get a good finish.

Unfortunately, cutting costs with paint and painting equipment results in a low quality result. its all in the preparation and quality of your gear & paint.

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If its Cellulose based, you can thin it out a bit with cellulose thinners. that will make the paint more runny so less likely to show brush marks... not ideal to paint with a brush but depends what the parts are and if they will be visible or not.

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you dont NEED a air compressor and spray gun for a good finish

this was done with cans


It is all about the preparation you would need to thin it down with the correct thinners for the paint

If you have enough paint you could try this

paint it on something with a brush and sand it down with wet and dry once it has dried properly to get all the brush marks out use a really fine wet and dry though start with about 800 grit and get finer finish with 1600 once its nice and flat with no brush marks get a tin of lacquer/clear coat halfords one is ok not the best and its cheap...then give it 2 or 3 coats and see how it comes out

If you prep it right and sand it really flat it might turn out OK the lacquer/clear will give it its shine back dont worry about it been sanded

try it you never know it may work it may not but you have the paint now so you have to do something with it :lol:

all spraying does is put a nice even thin coat on with no brush marks

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Didn't see page 2 before posting.

It's standard practice to sand before laquer but using 600 or 800 grit, 1600 is too fine to key. You 1200 and 1600 the laquer dry then wet before mopping, not all painters bother (new bikes and cars are never done hence the shit paint on new bikes and cars) Flatting and mopping is a skill and the ONLY way to get a good paint finish.

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