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Looking on doing 105 miles


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Hello just im thinking on doing a 105 mile ride from Liverpool to Loughborough using the back roads instead of the motorway I could happily do it on my 450cc but I fancied doing it on my cg 125 just for abit of fun its done about 30k miles and im wondering if you think it will make it and back a day or so later I don't want to ride my big bike its part of a challenge any idea if anyone thinks it will do okay its the 1990 model cheers

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My dad won a trophy for the longest distance travelled on a small bike back in the early 90s when he rode my old Yamaha TZR125 from Leeds down to Wales. That distance is not as much as it seems tbh for a 125 - it's only cuz your doing it all in one stint. Just make sure it has its fluid levels topped up, the chain is the right tension and plenty of air in your tires and beyond that you'll hopefully only be stopping for fuel - or maybe not if you take it easy.

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Cheers man im changing the chain and sprocket tonight in need of a change and yeah man shall do a oil change while im at it full tank should get me there not sure so might fill after 70 miles gonna leave at 5ish to get there for 7:30 cannot wait guys will leave a little post once I've done it cheers.

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I'm doing 400 miles on the bandit on wed, which should take about 5-5/12 hours including riding through Oxford.

As for the bike, just check the indicators/brake lights, headlight on dim and full, horn, tires, chain tension and it may be worth lubing it too.

Check the oil level, top up if necessary but dont bother changing it.

As for you, make sure you are warm and dry (I most likely wont be as I think it will rain,and my waterproofs arent waterproof) and comfy. Personally I have a crampbuster as I will be on the motorway for all the journey, heated grips (maybe you cant get them now, but if you have thermals, take them with you) extra jumper etc

Also take some water, and some money just encase you need to bribe a passer by to use their phone/blag a lift to the petrol station or get peckish on the way etc

Take your mobile (I even have a charger on my bike lol)

Take a map if you dont know the route, especially on the back roads.

take an mp3 player for a long journey, but only put it in one ear

thats all I can think of.

Oh yea, and make sure you have your mobile handy, just encase you end up in a ditch. There was a guy around here who planted his bike into a road sign. Took the road sign down and he, the bike and sign all got thrown into the ditch. He was unable to move and although the police had a rough idea of his route, it took them about 3 days to find him because there was no sign of an accident and nothing was visible from the road. I will try and find an article about it because im sure my memory is over axagerating, but make sure your phone is to hand

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Thanks for all the advice guys also my sprocket chain and cushies where in need of a change the cush drive metal bits took the piss to get out but I managed it in the end oil will need topping up and that's about it really can't wait just getting ready for it now may snow so could be delayed a few weeks

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My dad won a trophy for the longest distance travelled on a small bike back in the early 90s when he rode my old Yamaha TZR125 from Leeds down to Wales.


Wheres mine then? :lol:

I bought a YZF-R125 and then spent 2 weeks solid building up 1000 miles to have it run in, at 800 miles went to the rally and then at 1400 miles began the LETJOG and did 2200 miles in 10 days.

My top tip. Do not overplan it...

I am considered too relaxed but that is the most stress free way to do it.

If you find yourself making lists or planning extensively what you need to do then just use the bigger bike :lol:

If you see it as, this is where I need to get to today, this is the bike im using it will go fine :)

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