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Help me decide which project


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  1. 1. What Project?

    • Streetfighter
    • Cafe Racer
    • Race Replica
    • Hypermoto

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First thread I've done in ages :lol:

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a project of my own.

Ive been pulling apart various bikes for various people especially in the last 6 months. I expressed interest to those doing projects in my area and got invited to help and made friends along the way.

Now, I know how to fabricate parts, I have a lathe, a mill is coming along with other things. I also have good experience with welding so I'm not afraid to push the boat out there.

My garage is nearing completion, it will be built up more and more throughout the year but with it decorated and wired up I at least have the means to start a project. And also use it as a base to help others or do any work that will help fund my own projects.

However I am unsure what sort of project to aim for. So Ive done a poll.

Here is a brief explanation of each one.

Streetfighter - Not the stripped down wrecks of the road. I will make a proper one, thats loud, pretty and compact and of course naked.

Cafe Racer - Something like a CX500 to make into a retro racer. Seen plenty similar near the ace cafe on meets.

Race replica - A bit more complicated, imagine an old SV with GSXR suspension, a ninja body piece of front and a ducati. Raced up bike in effect.

Hypermoto - Seen a Ducati Hypermoto? Imagine a old tatty super moto lowered and given a make over.

All will involve engine rebuilds and will be done from the ground up over a period of time. Or so the plan goes.

I just need time now!

Comments (even jibes) are welcome :)

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Cafe racer has been quite a popular one as they are on the rise again!

Any 500 twin will suit one so that is under consideration.

The main reason im doing this is my 600 is getting hammered all the time.

It gets used for everything and im planning to do a full refit on it.

So Im using this project as a bit of fun, but it will be done asap so that i can get using it!

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With a lathe, drill press and mill for me to get that kind of precision would be nearly impossible :lol:

I have a friend who works in triumph in the engine and suspension design departments and they have a workshop where they try out different materials for different components of an engine. And they compare them against each other. Now for that purpose you'd see me build an engine :cheers:

Love how the poll is levelling out, streetfighter, cafe racer and race rep are all level pegging.

My preference was for race replica but im happy to do any, especially as cheap 500s are everywhere in London.

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Cafe Racer Fozzie......plenty of scope.......and available bikes. Saw an article last year in a Mag (can't remember which one) of a Yamaha XS750 that had been cafe racer'd....looked bloody gorgeous..... :love: I'd really love the time a facilities to do something like that..... 8-)

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Im also liking this. I read the whole project thread on its build from head to toe along with hundreds of others!


Ive seen some Yamahas that are pretty cool like the XS, they always come with good fuel tanks perfect for cafe racering.

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I've voted for race rep! :D

You must be shot!

Race reps (usually) look crap, even out of the factory.

No offence to anyone on here who has one

... but you bought the wrong bike

ps, I just reread that - came across a bit strong, maybe some smileys will lighten the post

:lol: 8-) :shock: :D :3some:

Edited by mealexme
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You ride a bandit...



Can you tell I predominantly ride race reps, CBR600RR Hannspree owner at one stage based directly on the race bike scheme :lol:

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haha, true, true, but atleast its not race rep :P

I do have to admit though, the hanspree does look gorgeous, its just when people start to put numbers and plaster sponsor names all over it, it just starts to look a bit chavy.

Like repsol on hondas, especially on 125s just look stupid on the road. Aprilia just look outdated and anyone who thinks a monster logo looks cool... Well, dont even get me started :lol:

Although if its done well, some can look decent. Like the hanspree or, well I cant remember what it was. Black with white writing. I will try and find it. Thought it was a gsxr from memory but cant find it on google

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I was planning a Hornet I made into a custom. New tail end, undertail exhausts, matt black in colour with dark gold accented engine casings etc. And it was going to have as its badge on the sides of the tank:


Im still thinking of doing it, that falls under streetfighter if you want to re-vote.

Edit - Though I have to add. By race rep I mean it will look like a racer. No gay paint scheme.

Im thinking SV650 in a naked taken, given Gixxer suspension then given 06 ninja front fairings and a Ducati 1198 tail fairing with underseat exhausts fabbed up for it. Along those lines.

So imagine a bandit stripped right back, modified pegs so they are higher and sportier, new forks with clipons, and a fairing with custom gauges nestled into it.

Before anyone questions cash. It has a £3000 budget with £300-£500 there to buy the bike itself cheap and preferably in a sorry state.

Edited by Fozzie
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I voted race rep, I like to see something different on the roads, life would be boring if we all had a silver bandit after all!

Build what you like tbh tho, if others don't like it they don't have to ;)

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Well I can rule out hypermoto... Maybe next winter :lol:

So down to three, im tempted by the cafe racer option. May even take an old Virago and completely alter it into something like this


Or even a 2-stroke if I can find one above 400cc.

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Or even a 2-stroke if I can find one above 400cc.


buy the RS125 thats for sale on here and transplant 500cc two stroke motorcross motor into it... that would be a fun machine!!!

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I doubt the frame could tollerate that kind of power :lol:

It felt jittery enough under 33BHP, if I put a 500 in there I imagine 80+BHP is on the cards!

I did once want to do it though but got put off the idea!

Id love to see a 350 or bigger 4-stroke engine in an RS125 though as KTM are planning one similar and it sounds awesome. You can get plenty of 2-stroke characteristics out of a 4-stroke these days :)

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A lot of old school bikes had their chain on the right hand side!

I think an old school CBR400 swinger could be made to fit. Looks like some of the later 600rr's do would be cool.

Or I could build my own swinger, I only got to watch one be built but it looked awesome and its surprisingly not that complex 8-)

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