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the TT races?

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hi just been looking at tickets for the week of the tt races and ive seen that to ride on mad sunday and all the packages including taking a bike are sold out. i was just wondering if it is possible to book everything seperate i.e ferry taking the bike with my girlfriend and then book accomodation and be able to ride the course on mad sunday? is the course just open to general public or do you have to pay to run the course and of course can you actually run the course if you dont have an actual ticket from the tt races website to say youve paid for the package including mad sunday with a bike for travel.

hoping you guys can help

Thanks Jack :)

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hi ,yes youcan book seperate but its hard to get a ferry ride you have to book soon as pos ,book camping seperatly its about 35quid per tent for weekend and the track is an open road so you can ride it anytime free apart from when its closed for the racing,you dont need a ticket for the races as you can watch anywere :lol:

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go to the steam packet ferries website n book. as for accomodation that will be trickier but if your willing to camp there are many sites and you would be able to go to sulby for free if i remember.

as for the track it is open to all when not racing or practicing. the mountain is one way too so soooooo much fun :)

if you go, have eyes up ya arse and ride within your limit, dont be goaded by others and come back safe :)

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thanks for the replies i shall have a look and hopefully get booked up :) my treat to myself for my 21st birthday as mad sunday is on my birthday, thanks for advice i shall ride safe and come back in one piece, just gotta get everything booked now.

Thanks Guys!

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been doing a bit of research ive found that liverpool to douglas and return with 2 people 1 bike on 31st may returning 5th june is 275 quid! nearly fell through the floor think thats a bit excessively expensive considering its 112 quid when tt isnt on but nevermind found out that camping is 14 pound for 2 of us a night which isnt really much at all hopefully get booked up soon.

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