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Anyone planning any Track Days this year???


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I'm thinking of booking some track days up.. I've got Brands Hatch just up the road, so seems a waste not to make use of it!

Anyone else planning any track days this year?? if so, where and when?? :cheers:

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Yes but I don't know where or when. I take an instructor too so if anyone wants to split his fee into 2 or 3 with me.....

I'm not a fan of brands in the car tho, it would be petrifying on a bike!!

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Never done a track day and not sure I fancy it if I'm honest. Part of me thinks "hell why not" but another part is thinking I'd be putting myself under pressure to ride out of my comfort zone and I'd only wanna get my knee down, something I've never done on a bike after a slow speed low side years ago.

Saying that, a guy down my street does one every year after the winter break to get him back into the swing of riding.

Good idea really. Might have to rethink it.

Does anyone know if you can hire bikes for track days as I'm sure insurance doesn't cover you to use your bike on track/race days.

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yes you can hire a track bike but its not cheap

its about £300 plus deposit of around £500 and I have heard horror stories of people just scratching the bikes and loosing all the deposit!

I have done one and I would do it on my own bike no problem at all

you will only bin it if you ride like a cock :)

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