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anyone going?

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anyone on here booked to go to the TT 2013 and if so how have you booked where you staying etc just to get a bit of advice on how to piece everything together ive found ferry price of 275 quid 2 people 1 bike return to liverpool from 31st may to 5th june and campsite of glenlough apparently situated 3 miles from douglas and right on the tt course for 14 pound a night, found the ferry expensive but the camping pretty cheap, any advice etc please? has anyone been donme this before found easy ways and is the campsite easy to find from ferry port etc?

Thanks Jack

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Yep were going for practice week and home on Monday race week. If you've never been, be prepared to be blown away nothing comes close to it :shock: :lol: Top tips give yourself plenty of space on the roads and ride to your own capabilities, its so easy to get sucked into riding way out of your depth. Pay a lot of attention to the foreign riders as they have a tendency to randomly turn right across traffic, to them it just like pulling into the side of the road which is what they are use to driving back on the continent. Be warned, there are speed limits and they will nick you! Mad Sunday is all that! It’s one was traffic only from Ramsey to the Creg over the mountain section. You will get the daft lads trying to get a full lap in don’t even try! You could go howling into a blind bend only find the road crawling with a sidecar ride out :shock: Be prepared to meet anything on the road around the next bend. A must do is to get off the course and into the back roads on the Island there’s some stunning places to see. On Race day get up early to get to the best spots, never watch on the outside of a bend you will soon find out why Lol. Anyway I don’t think it allowed these days, listen up to the track side Marshalls, Take a radio to tune into the commentary, plenty of food and drink warm gear and waterproofs if you going to a remote place “ You can always take off what you’ve got on, but cannot put on what you haven’t” Hope this help? Enjoy and stay safe.

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when on the island get an o/s map .it makes doing the back roads so much easier . give your self plenty of time before roads close all the best places get very busy . mind your speed . open speed limit is from ramsey hairpin to the creg . my mate got nicked on the approach to the hairpin . hope it helps have fun but be safe

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